Spicy Edamame (GF)   9 ½

Steamed Soy Beans with Garlic, Chili Pepper,

‘Butter’ and Tamari-Sesame Oil

Shiitake ‘Escargots’ (GF)   14

in white Wine with warm Lime-Garlic-NOOCH* 'Butter'

*NOOCH = Nutritional yeast fortified with vitamin B12

NEW   Baked ‘Feta‘ (GF)    12 ½

with Watermelon and fresh Rosemary

Spinach Artichoke Dip   12 ½

with crispy house-made Ciabatta

(contains Cashews)


Kā Pāpā Caprese (GF)    12 ½ 

Tomato, ‘Mozzarella’, Fresh Basil and Fig Balsamic Glaze 

(‘Mozzarella’ contains Cashews

Grilled ‘Caesar’ Salad   14 ½

with crispy Croutons, ‘Caesar’ Dressing,

'Parmesan' and Grape Tomatoes

Spicy Orange Butternut Soup (GF)    cup 9 ½ / bowl 16 ½

Crock of French Onion Soup   10 ½

with Croutons and house-made ‘Mozzarella’ Gratinée

('Mozzarella' contains Cashews)


Saffron Risotto Stuffed Tomato (GF)   23

Baked Heirloom Tomato with charred Sweet Peppers

and Lemon Arugula

Plum-Miso Glazed Eggplant (GF)   24 ½

Roasted Sesame Seeds, Tamari-Shirataki Noodles,

and fresh Citrus Radish Salad

Summer Squash Noodles (GF)    22

with Lemon-Alfredo Sauce, Lemon Arugula and Green Peas

(Sauce contains Cashews)

House-Made Pasta with Walnut Pesto (GF available)   20

with Green Peas, fresh house-made

Pesto with Basil & Roasted Walnuts

Add Smoked Mushrooms & Arugula   +4

Pan Roasted Mushrooms (GF)   26

Smoked Portobello* Mushrooms with

fine Broccoli Mash and Tomato Salsa

*Local Organic PETRICHOR ​Mushrooms


Cast Iron Cookie   11

Warm Cookie with Cinnamon 'Cream'

Cake of the Night   10 ½

Fudgy Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel

and Belgian Chocolate

(contains Peanuts)

Blueberry-Red Wine Sorbet (GF)   9

Silky house-made Sorbet

with whipped 'Cream' and Fruit Puree


Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary requirements and we will
accommodate you - if possible.
If you require specially made items (e.g. oil-free, sugar-free, soy-free etc.) please inform us at least two days prior to your visit. A convenience fee of 18$ will be applied to your check for any special off-the-menu items.